About The Sheetstand™

Based on experience, we came to the conclusion that the wooden trestle, which has been in circulation since about 2010 for lifting and processing sheet metal in an ergonomically sound manner, does not meet the safety standards. The main reason for this is that the material from which the trestle is made is oversensitive to moisture and wear and tear after continuous heavy loading.

In order to solve this problem easily, a choice had to be made for another basic material. The choice was quite simple: plastic was chosen because of the following qualities: cheap, strong, recyclable and moisture-resistant. Now that the material was known, we had to find out what the best model/shape for the sheet size should be. For this we used the experience of an expert finishing team who had the necessary experience with various models of wooden trestles in circulation and the result is impressive!

Because we want and must deliver nothing but quality, the product is provided with a CE mark and The Sheetstand™ comes with a guarantee of at least one year.

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