The Sheetstand™ works!

The Sheetstand™ will soon be introduced to the construction world. The Sheetstand™ is an innovative design that will eventually replace all current wooden and steel trestles.

The current trestles are subject to wear and tear and quickly become damaged. The Sheetstand™ is made from recycled plastic. This material is durable and therefore a good investment because The Sheetstand™ lasts longer than wooden or steel trestles. This not only provides financial benefits for your business, but is also good for the environment.

The Sheetstand™ has been awarded the CE quality mark. As a result, The Sheetstand™ meets the requirements of the industry.

One of the many advantages is the high load capacity (up to 1250 kg each). The Sheetstand™ is also easy to stack, up to 50 pieces on a Europallet. The Sheetstand™ is moisture-resistant and does not decay. In addition, The Sheetstand™ is easy to pick up by means of a handle.

The Sheetstand™ has a coupling function. It is possible to couple The Sheetstand™ for double storage.

It is possible to customise The Sheetstand™ to suit your needs. For example, there is the option of fitting The Sheetstand™ with your own house style. You can order The Sheetstand™ in the colour of your corporate identity and with your own logo.